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Jacob Sikes (PD/MD/promotions)

My name is Jacob A.K.A. DJ Sikes. I've lived in the (Not so small) town of Maryville, TN my whole life. Born and raised. I have had a passion for radio since ever I was a kid. In 2014 I first got my hands on what it was like to run a radio station. I launched a Top 40 web station called "Now 102.7" eventually transitioning into "Energy 103." The station never took off due to lack of knowledge and resources. In May 2019 I took a different approach and launched mainstream urban (Eventually shifting to rhythmic top 40) "92.5 The Block." I had a lot more knowledge and resources at my hands so I took advantage of them. At this time, we are stronger than ever! A little bit about me besides the radio side, I love to rescue dogs. I currently have 2 (Victor, and Frodo.) In my free time I am a huge gamer and always have been. You can always find me online in a Call Of Duty match or cruising the streets in the latest racing game. I also love traveling and taking camping trips. 


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